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Message from the President

John H. Murphy, Jr.In the book Corporate Ethics and Corporate Governance, Milton Friedman wrote "There is one and only one social responsibility of business to use: its resources and engage in activities designed to increase profit". Although we certainly set the highest bar in corporate ethics, we subscribe to a different value system; we believe our responsibility reaches far beyond dollars and cents. For thirty plus years we have produced quality products in a timely and cost effective manner, while providing jobs for members of the community and contributing to the funds that keep our local, state and federal government up and running. The way we see it our company is not just a money machine or a balance sheet, it is a human enterprise run by caring people who understand the impact of the work we do in our community.

Not only has Eastern General Contractors, Inc. had success in constructing various buildings--large and small but we are also a flagship for the enhancement of local agencies, such as the twenty-year maintenance program we run at Camp Atwater--a National Youth Leadership Development Institute located in North Brookfield, MA. or constructing handicapped ramps for local churches in the community, to name a few.

Eastern General Contractors, Inc. will continue to find innovative ways to forge ahead in the direction of larger building contracts and enhancing the community services we provide for free. Our proudest goal will continue to be the success of our families and the success of the families around us.

John H. Murphy Jr.

Testimonials / Recognition

Department of the Army
"Eastern General utilizes an exceptional field staff and professional office staff to accomplish its work."
•  Department of the Army Testimonial (PDF)

Department of the Interior
"EVERYONE associated with the work at the Armory approached their work in an outstanding manner..."

•  Department of the Interior Testimonial (PDF)

Department of the Navy
"Overall, the spirit of cooperation has been a benefit to the Government and hopefully it has been to you as well. I would not hesitate to work with your organization in the future."
•  Department of the Navy Testimonial (PDF)

Gilbane Building Company
"Your responsiveness to the project's ever changing needs, along with your cooperation in identifying and willingness to solve the various problems, as an integral clement of the success and quality of the project."
•  Gilbane Building Company Testimonial (PDF)

John H. Muphy is awarded the United States Small Business Administration Award in 1984.
John H. Murphy, President of Eastern
General Contractors, Inc., is awarded
the United States Small Business Administration Award in 1984. Eastern is
the recipient of several business awards
and dozens of community service awards.

Nault Architects
"Despite the complex nature of the project. under bidding, a restrictive time table and numerous changes to the scope of the work, your staff not only completed the work in time... but maintained a level of craftsmanship that is truly admirable."
•  Nault Architects Testimonial (PDF)

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